Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Word Prompt:

It's time for the weekly word prompt. What this means is that I am going to pick one word and use it to inspire a poem. Then I challenge each of my readers to use that same word to inspire a poem or a short bit of prose. If you would like to share what you write, I'd love to read it. Simply reply in the comments of this post.

This weeks word is: fire.

Her heart was on fire,
heating her from
inside out.
A hot blush
scorched her
pale skin.
Then the icy fingers
of embarrassment
latched hold
and suddenly she
couldn't breathe.
The man, disarmingly
was embracing
her best friend.
Their lips met.
Their hands caressed.
And watching
this scene,
her heart broke.
So she wiped
her tears and
held her head
up high.
She marched past
the pair
and said goodbye.
Goodbye to
and goodbye to

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